Why Join

CSDP is a platform created as a collaboration between numerous organizations and societies that work or have the potential to work in the area of minimizing disaster risks and responding to disasters.

Among the members of CSDP are non-governmental organizations, chambers, associations, universities, syndicates, private sector companies and individuals that carry out projects in the areas of humanitarian aid, search and rescue, women, environment, children, health, youth and disabled citizens.

CSDP offers its members the opportunity to join a wide communication network comprising of organizations that operate in their respective fields.

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You can stay in touch with all CSDP members that operate in the area of disaster management via a single network.

Through the online forums and discussion groups created by CSDP, you can communicate constantly with other institutions and share your projects and experiences and establish new partnerships.

You can also record your events in the CSDP calendar and share them with other members.


You can join the “Discussion Groups” created by CSDP and in collaboration with other organizations active in the area of disaster management you can take part in efforts for developing policies and action plans.

You can also establish new working groups and share topics of importance with other members.


Announcements and reports sent by CSDP to its members, also enable you to follow the latest developments closely.

You can remain informed about events, projects and the latest updates via the CSDP e-bulletins.

You can also follow CSDP on social media and access the latest news and share your announcements with CSDP and other members.


By joining the trainings and seminars provided by CSDP you can have a say in the selection of training topics.

You can make use of the online library of CSDP and benefit from the up-to-date publications and latest reports gathered under the topics of disaster preparedness, humanitarian aid standards, resource development and best practices.

Individuals and organizations that apply for membership will be required to act in accordance with the “CSDP Working Principles Document”. In case of a breach of any principle or procedure set forth in the document, membership will be revoked by the CSDP Board of Directors.

The 1K2N(3W) (Who, Where, Doing What?) matrix prepared by CSDP contains detailed information about the projects of the non-governmental organizations working in Soma.

When you click on the names of the non-governmental organizations on the map, you can access detailed information about the projects carried out in Soma. The matrix is updated on a monthly basis.