How To Join

CSDP is a platform open to membership from all NGOs that work or have the potential to work in the area of disasters.

There are no deadlines or prerequisites for CSDP membership.

CSDP membership doesn’t impose any financial liability nor does it have a cost. However, all members must declare their commitment of labor and regular participation in terms of supporting CSDPs common goals.

All relevant organizations and individuals that fulfill the requirements can apply for membership using the membership form on our website.

Every application is reviewed by the CSDP secretariat and if approved, the applicant receives an approval e-mail conforming your membership in CCSDP.

Using this website, CSDP members will be authorized to start topics in forums, announce the activities of their organization and enter their projects in the 1K2N matrix.

Member Organizations:

The CSDP is composed of individuals and organizations who accept this Operation Procedure Document. Any interested entities can be members of the platform:

  • Non-Government organisations
  • A Turkey based delegation of international organisations like the United Nations
  • Trade Associations
  • Universities, Think Tanks, Academic Units and Research Institutes
  • Individuals
  • Trade Unions

Individuals and organizations that apply for membership must agree to act in accordance with the “CSDP Operation Procedures Document”. In case of a breach of any principle or procedure set forth in the document, memberships will be revoked by CSDP Board of Directors.