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NGO Consultation Meeting of the Southern NGO Network Report
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Southern NGO Network Introduction Meeting was held on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 at Larespark Hotel with participation of 41 representatives from 29 different organizations.

Many NGOs, which struggle with creating their own resources in Turkey are collaborating with donor organizations such as international NGOs, UN Agencies and the EU Delegation in order to be able to carry out the works that fall within the scope of their purpose of establishment. In particular, the funding opportunities, which arose with the influx of refugees that emerged following the crisis in Syria, enabled NGOs to develop cooperation with these international organizations and UN Agencies in the field of humanitarian aid. We believe that the number of NGOs involved in such cooperation will increase in the near future. Various specialization and capacity development opportunities offered to the NGOs during this process allow them to gain valuable experience. As it was underlined during the “World Humanitarian Summit National Consultation Meeting”, which was held in İstanbul in last June and the organizers of which included the CSDP among others; these relationships are generally limited to a donor-executor organization relationship and do not contribute to the corporateness and the sustainability of the NGOs.

With the aim of discussing these challenges and providing solution suggestions for this situation, the CSDP organized the Non-Governmental Organizations’ Consultation Meeting.
This meeting enabled the participants to get to know the Southern NGO Network, a network where local and national NGOs active in the field of humanitarian aid gather together to raise their voices, defend their rights and develop funding sources under equal terms, and to share their experiences. The meeting also enabled CSDP member organizations and potential members to familiarize themselves with the international field and to become a part of the network. The introduction meeting for the Southern NGO Network will be held in May 2016 in İstanbul.

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