Our Structure

The CSDP is comprised of the Founder Steering Committee, the Secretariat, the Members and the Working Groups.

I. The Founder Steering Committee

The Founder Steering Committee is comprised of the Support to Life Association, the Mavi Kalem Social Assistance & Charity Association and the Neighbourhood Disaster Volunteers Foundation. These organisations are responsible for the following duties during the establishment process of the CSDP:

  • Developing strategies, policies, an annual activity plan and a budget for the CDSP
  • Obtaining financial resources in order to ensure sustainability for the CSDP
  • Conducting bimonthly meetings
  • Maintaining operations over the next three years
  • Working to obtain a sustainable body for the CSDP. After three years, it will work on developing an executive structure together with the members of the CSDP.

II. The Secretariat

The Secretariat is in charge of applying the annual work plan, financial management and communication activities of the CSDP. The secretariat:

  • Participates in the CSDP working groups meetings
  • Shares activity reports regularly with the members
  • Reports to the CSDP Founder Steering Committee which meets bimonthly

III. The Members

The CSDP is composed of volunteer members. There are no restrictions or obligations for membership. The members can:

  • Participate in the CSDP’s activities as well as contribute to disseminate information about its activities
  • Join working groups which are determined by members
  • Request any disaster related topics from the Secretariat to be discussed by the Founder Steering Committee. The Founder Steering Committee will add them to their agenda and provide feedback to members through the Secretariat
  • Receive periodical reports printed and/or online

IV. Working Groups

The Working Groups conduct their activities within the concept of the themes which originate from the workshops. In this context:

  • Members join the working groups based on their personal experiences, knowledge and interests
  • Members apply to the Secretariat with a letter of intent to be part of the working groups. In the letters, they commit to regular meeting attendance and dedicate their time for the working group activities
  • The working groups focus on disaster related issues mainly disaster risk reduction, concrete and applicable policy recommendations and action plans for efficient disaster response
  • The working groups are expected to create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Accepted, Realistic and Timely) action plans and activities based on that plan
  • The weekly/monthly working timelines are determined by the groups based on their action plans. Weekly 5% (approximately 2 hours) is a standard timeline based on similar cases
  • The working groups meetings can be organized through interactive forums or different means of communication technologies
  • The working groups inform the CSDP Founder Steering Committee through the secretariat about their monthly activities