What we do

CSDP works for;

  • Improving communication and information exchange among NGOs,
  • Improving communication and cooperation among NGOs, AFAD, and related public institutions as well as local governments, while encouraging NGOs to be more active in decision making processes,
  • Improving the institutional capacities and volunteer-professional human resources of NGOs working in disaster fields, as well as supporting them on the issues of humanitarian principles and international standards.

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Work plans that we forsee to achieve our strategic goals:

1- Improving culture of communication and information sharing among NGOs:

  • Conducting baseline fieldwork regarding NGOs
  • Drafting of position papers
  • Conducting meetings to gather NGOs that are working in the field
  • Identifying the working principles by a document
  • Creating working groups, using them actively, and sharing the results among NGOs
  • Creating a base for information management

2- Reinforcing information sharing and collaboration between NGOs and AFAD/public:

  • Sharing the working group’s results among the public and the municipalities
  • Improving the advocacy strategies
  • Conducting lobby activities at the parliment
  • Implementing joint projects with AFAD/other public agencies
  • Preparation of 3W –who, where, what- matrix and its updating

3- Strengthening organizational capacities of NGOs in the field of disaster response and risk reduction:

  • Doing needs assessment and baseline work for NGOs
  • Organizing trainings (humanitarian aid principles and standards) and seminars
  • Organizing capacity building and good practices meetings and workshops
  • Sharing and discussing the results of baseline works, rewarding the good practices, making lessons leant meetings
  • Subscribing the international platforms

4- Inserting the concept of volunteering into disaster and emergency management system in Turkey:

  • Organizing working group meetings on volunteering (discussing models, approaches and principles of the volunter management
  • Field visits about good practises

5- Supporting the role of media to adopt an ethical approach and conduct it efficiently:

  • Following and creating datas about the news on the media
  • Making meetings with media workers about the subject

Objectives for increasing the value of the platform for the members and stakeholders are as follows.

6- Making the platform fully operational and functional for its members:

  • Creating the communication plan (affiliation for the platform, relations with the media, international networks, etc)
  • Prioritisation  of the stakeholders and identifying the key contacts (to define an impact area)
  • Creating a stakeholder database
  • Sharing the results of the working groups among the stakeholders
  • Creating electronic and pressed communiciaton channeles and using them actively (quarterly bulletin, social media, etc)
  • Informing the media about the platform constantly (media bulletins, organizing press meetings, etc)
  • Creating an active communiciation group at emergencies

7- Reinforcing the platform base, and introducing new members to the platform:

  • Developing the membership procedures
  • Creating a database for potential members
  • Communicating with potential members